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New Collection of Anesthesia Solutions

Mindray 2015-09-22

For more than half a century, Mindray has been developing perioperative solutions with a particular focus on easing clinicians' workload. With persistent innovation and deep insight into customer requirements, Mindray is now offering a complete perioperative solution with powerful anesthesia workstations and professional anesthesia syringe pump to address all your perioperative challenges.

New A7 + BeneView T9 OR
A Powerful Perioperative Solution with New Level of Integration

With unified user interface, the dedicated anesthesia monitor BeneView T9 OR and new A7 anesthesia system are easy to learn and use. The two devices integrate organically through data & module sharing, forming a powerful perioperative workstation. It makes the operation workflow more efficient and the anesthesia control easier.

WATO EX-65 Pro + BeneView T5 OR
A Perioperative Solution with No Compromise

The enhanced new WATO EX-65 Pro anesthesia system and new dedicated OR monitor BeneView T5 OR offer you a perioperative solution without any compromise. With the unified user interface, seamless information sharing and compatible monitoring module, the two systems are organically integrated and perform just like one system for your perioperative requirement.

WATO EX-35 + iMEC Series
A Value for Money Perioperative Solution

WATO EX-35 anesthesia machine and iMEC series patient monitor by long term validation are stable and reliable. This value for money solution offers you a bundle for your perioperative solution, ensuring the patient safety during perioperation and lower cost of your long term of ownership.

BeneFusion SP5 TCI
Advanced Anesthesia Syringe Pump

The BeneFusion SP5 TCI is designed for target controlled intravenous anesthesia infusion. It combines ease-of-use functionality, patient-centric features as well as powerful anesthesia capacity in one single pump, which ensures the delivery of sedation and analgesics safely and precisely as the anesthetist wishes. The launching of BeneFusion SP5 TCI marks Mindray's entry into the professional field of intravenous anesthesia.