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H50 Automated HPLC Analyzer

Mindray 2015-09-02

Diabetes has now become a major health problem to humanity that has reached epidemic proportions and is growing at alarming rates around the world. In 2014, approximately 387 million people worldwide are living with diabetes, 46.3% of them unaware of the disease they have. According to IDF (International Diabetes Federation), the figure will rise to 592 million by 2035. Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial to the recovery of the patient with diabetes.

Mindray’s first HPLC analyzer, the H50, provides a prompt, reliable solution for diabetes diagnosis. It utilizes the high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analytical technique, a gold standard that helps detect glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) with superior precision. Its capability to measure HbA1c, HbF, and other hemoglobin fragments enables clinicians to make quick, accurate diagnoses, thus facilitating timely treatment and early recovery for the patient.

With less than 1% CVs, the H50 is a high-performance HPLC analyzer with user-friendly design. I t features the advanced RFID technology that can recognize different tube racks and read reagent information automatically, thus avoiding misuse of reagents and saving cost for customers.

The method traceability of the H50 has been certified by "National Glycohemoglobin Standard Program (NGSP)" and "International Federation of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC)". On top of that, its analytical column can support a minimum of 3,000 tests and can be easily replaced without the need of extra tools.

Mindray's H50 is a mid-end HPLC product that is tailor made for medium general hospitals, public or private labs, and diabetes centers or institutions.