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DC-60 - Quality Exams at Your Fingertips

Mindray 2015-09-06

Having inherited technological breakthroughs from high-end ultrasound systems and powered by leading edge imaging features, the DC-60 offers the best balanced performance across a wide range of applications, making ultrasound scanning accurate, efficient and accessible.

Advanced technology ensures quality exams

Benefitting from a rich line of innovation, the DC-60 incorporates the latest in Mindray’s unique technology. Product design focuses on reliable image quality, and also greatly enhances the experience of operating an ultrasound system in daily clinical practice, with the goal of allowing the clinicians to perform quality exams.

High performance, powered by imaging technologies including iClear, iBeam, PSH, Echo Boost, HR Flow and highly user-centric operation techniques, means the DC-60 is a hard-working machine addressing challenges faced by you while scanning under pressure.

Echo Boost on / off

HR Flow

Shared service meets every need

Based on DC-60's shared service capabilities, reliable image quality for patients of various ages and sizes in diverse clinical areas is available all with one intelligent ultrasound machine. Covering general imaging, cardiology and OB/GYN, the DC-60 has professional tools such as Auto IMT, iNeedle, TDI and QA, 4D imaging and Smart OB to help complete daily exams easily and precisely.

Auto IMT

Strain Rate Based on TDI

Get more done faster

With touch-screen gesture, a brand-new operation experience is at your fingertips, creating a new standard and style for workflow. The clinician can complete most of the operations just with the touch screen. Whether it's swiping to review images, shifting the image to and from the monitor, zooming in/out, measuring orstarting user-defined functions with specific hand motions, the DC-60 allowsyou to get more done, much faster.