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Application of Portable Ultrasound in Critical Care

Mindray 2020-03-16

Clinical solution

1. Professional lung examination mode to observe changes in lung conditions

2. For mechanical ventilation, measure the airway diameter limit and select the appropriate ventilation tube diameter; observe the movement of the diaphragm and guide the ventilator offline


3. For ECMO, support vascular puncture, observe arteriovenous vessels and improve the efficiency of surgery


4. For the onset of heart disease, support automatic measurement of cardiac function, TDI tissue Doppler assessment of diastolic function, tissue spot tracking assessment of cardiac machine movement, etc.


5. iNeedle, the needle enhancement function to assist clinicians for doing puncture. iTouch, one-touch optimization to assist clinicians to quickly optimize images.


Product feature

1. Grab and go, easy to operate

2. Remote consultation, training, and teaching

3. Easy disinfection and safe protection